Renesas Electronics launches new RA6M5 product group Arm Cortex M33 core RA6 series mainstream MCU product line tends to be complete

The new MCU product group brings multiple communication options and flexible memory architecture to IoT applications

And strong security, it becomes the ideal choice for on-site firmware update applications.

On March 31, 2021, the global semiconductor solution provider Renesas Electronics Group (TSE: 6723) announced that it will add 20 RA6M5 group microcontrollers (MCUs), expand the RA6 series of MCUs, and improve the mainstream product line. The new product provides a wealth of communication function options, large-capacity on-chip memory, and Renesas' superior security features to help customers develop innovative Internet of Things (IoT) designs.

The RA6M5 product group provides IoT system product designers with excellent flexibility when sharing critical data. The new MCU has a variety of communication interface options, including CAN FD, Ethernet MAC with DMA, full-speed and high-speed USB, and multiple serial interfaces.

The new MCU integrates up to 2MB on-chip flash memory and 512KB on-chip RAM to support a wide range of applications. At the same time, the OctaSPI interface is provided, enabling designers to further expand flash memory and RAM. The product also supports ECC RAM. The combination of the flash memory block swap function and the built-in inherent security of the RA series products makes the RA6M5 product group an ideal choice for applications that require on-site firmware update functions. After using the background running function (BGO) to write the new firmware into the flash memory, a selected number of flash memory blocks (32KB each) can be exchanged and become part of the new firmware.

RA6M5 MCU adopts Arm? Cortex?-M33 core based on Armv8-M architecture, and supports Arm TrustZone? technology and Renesas security encryption engine. The security encryption engine includes multiple symmetric and asymmetric encryption accelerators, advanced key management, secure product lifecycle management, resistance to power analysis attacks, and tamper detection functions. The new RA6M5 product group provides the same safety functions and software support as Renesas RA6M4 MCUs (RA6M4 has passed PSA Level 2 certification and SESIP1 certification). This combination of functions enables customers to implement security chip functions and provide efficient security and confidentiality functions for highly interconnected IoT devices.

Roger Wendelken, Senior Vice President of Renesas Electronics' Internet of Things and Infrastructure Business Division, said: "The RA6M5 MCU provides our customers with a wealth of communication function options, which can flexibly share data in a variety of ways to meet the needs of many IoT applications. This function Combined with large-capacity on-chip memory and our superior security features, it empowers IoT design.

Key features of the RA6M5 product group

·In operating mode, only 107μA/MHz ultra-low power consumption (when the CoreMark algorithm is run in flash memory at 200MHz); wake-up time 30μs

· 200MHz main frequency Arm Cortex-M33 core supporting TrustZone technology

·Complete security solution including Renesas Security Encryption Engine

·LQFP package from 100 pins to 176 pins, 176BGA package is also available

·On-chip integrated 1MB, 1.5MB or 2MB flash memory; 512KB SRAM (including 64KB ECC RAM)

·Capacitive touch sensing unit

·Flash background running function (BGO)/Flash block swap function

·CAN FD or CAN interface

·Ethernet MAC with independent DMA

·Full-speed and high-speed USB 2.0, no need to connect a special crystal

·Advanced analog factory, supporting two ADC (Analog-to-Digital Converter) units

· QuadSPI and OctaSPI interface


The RA6M5 product group is equipped with an easy-to-use flexible configuration software package (FSP), which includes a first-class HAL driver. FSP simplifies the workflow and significantly speeds up the development process through GUI tools, and also enables customers to easily transfer the original 8/16-bit MCU design. Designers who choose RA6M5 MCUs can also take full advantage of the powerful Arm partner ecosystem and obtain a wealth of tools to accelerate the time to market.

RA6M5 MCU can be seamlessly combined with Renesas analog and power products to create comprehensive solutions suitable for various applications. A variety of "successful product portfolios" demonstrated the unique features of the RA6M5 MCU and the breadth and depth of the Renesas product lineup. For example, the voice recognition and intelligent control "successful product portfolio" that integrates RA6M5 with Renesas power supplies, transceivers, and isolation devices.

Supply information

RA6M5 MCU and EK-RA6M5 evaluation kit (model: RTK7EKA6M5S00001BE) can now be purchased from Renesas distributors worldwide.