my country’s first commercial aerospace laser communication experiment was a complete success, with a speed of up to 100 megabytes

News of April 23 Yesterday, my country's first commercial aerospace laser communication experiment was a complete success. The experiment is based on the Beihang Satellite No. 1 developed by the Tianyi Research Institute. The satellite is equipped with the ultra-small laser communication terminal SG10-1 independently developed by Nanjing Yingtian Optics. The satellite was successfully launched into orbit on November 6, 2020, and the laser world docking was realized for the first time on December 3.

According to the official statement, as of April 2021, with the high attitude control accuracy (0.01°), high attitude stability (0.0015°/s), and long-term stable operation capability of Beihangxingsat-1, Beihangxingsat-1 has carried out more than 50 operations. Satellite-to-ground laser data transmission experiments under various climatic conditions, the transmission speed of laser communication data from ground stations reached 10-100 Mbps, and the comprehensive evaluation of beam tracking performance, the analysis of the influence of atmospheric turbulence on communication, and satellite remote sensing images were successfully completed. Several key technologies such as business data downloading are on-orbit verification tasks.

This is the first time that China's commercial aerospace team has successfully achieved space-to-earth laser communication. It is also the fourth unit in China to complete the on-orbit verification and the only private enterprise. It is expected to participate in the construction of China's national satellite Internet.

The satellite laser communication system has the advantages of small terminal size, lightweight, and low power consumption, which is the main development direction of space communication links. The SG10-1 ultra-small laser communication terminal is the first laser communication payload developed by Yingtian Optics for the needs of space-based narrowband IoT applications. It is also the smallest (0.7U), lightest (0.75Kg), and lowest power consumption (7W) in China’s history. And the laser communication terminal that was successfully verified by heaven.