Exclusive desktop video conference screen for office, MAXHUB creates a professional personal video conference experience

After remote video conferencing has become the new normal in modern digital offices, people also suffer from "sweet burnout" when they feel convenience: when using mobile phones or laptops for remote video conferencing, it is not only because of long-term staring at the face that they feel Fatigued and inefficiency; even more anxious because of the inability to comment and write instructions on the shared files in real-time. This is the phenomenon of "Zoom burnout" that has been noticed by many research institutions since March last year.

Regarding the burnout caused by long-term video conferences, the expert's advice is to "take a proper rest, stand up and take a walk." But for the participants, this suggestion is obviously not the most suitable. The best way to relieve the pain is to have a small screen that can provide integrated services for video conferencing and writing display so that they can efficiently perform video conferencing. Writing and displaying, thereby promoting the development of conference co-creation in a better direction. After a keen insight into this differentiated collaboration scene, the conference tablet brand MAXHUB launched a desktop video conference screen!

Unlike the 86-inch conference panel we saw in the conference room, the MAXHUB desktop video conference screen terminal is only 15.6-inch in size, achieving an 86% screen-to-body ratio. It is as light as a laptop and can be flexibly placed on a personal desk. Individual users provide a collaborative experience of 1080p high-definition display, video conferencing, and writing display. What is worthy of being one is that the MAXHUB desktop video conference screen has an elegant design and can become a stunning scenery in various design style office spaces.

In terms of video conferencing functions, the MAXHUB desktop video conferencing screen is equipped with a 48 million wide-angle camera, supports WDR anti-backlight high-definition video, and has a viewing angle of up to 90°. It can automatically adjust the image quality according to different lighting conditions in the meeting room to bring a high-quality video Picture experience. At the same time, it also has built-in four-array microphones, 6 meters long-distance sound pickup, which can intelligently reduce noise, eliminate echo, filter noise, and achieve high-quality audio and video data collection and optimization. Whether it is near or near or large or small, the other party of the video conference Clear sound effects can be obtained.

A high-quality video conferencing experience can ensure the user's efficiency in visual and voice communication, and the writing display function allows users to obtain smarter collaboration with the other party.

The MAXHUB desktop video conference screen adopts a high-precision capacitive touch screen. On the screen, users can not only use a passive capacitive pen, but even use their fingers to write and draw on the screen and to instantly annotate shared files. 0mm writing height, 2mm writing accuracy. The dual functions of "writing presentation + video conference" make the MAXHUB desktop video conference screen a personal mini-conference tablet.

It is reported that the MAXHUB desktop video conference screen is only a new product for personal remote collaboration scenarios among the eight King Kong full-scene collaboration terminals released by MAXHUB this time. MAXHUB full-scene collaboration terminals cover both fixed office and mobile collaboration scenarios, including those suitable for local collaboration scenarios. MAXHUB cutting-edge version Pro, MAXHUB technology version Pro, etc., as well as four new video products suitable for remote collaboration scenarios. Specialized full-scenario equipment can use AI technology and computing power to refine meeting data or collaborative data in full scenarios, analyze remote audio and video communication, and achieve data precipitation in the co-creation process. The person in charge of the MAXHUB product stated that in the future, MAXHUB will adhere to the "scene" as the bottom layer layout, in-depth insight into the needs of the scene, and provide users with a collaborative platform that understands the "user" better.