Apple's latest chip exposure

In recent days, as long as it comes to important news related to Apple, it is inseparable from WWDC 2021. As an annual event, domestic users may be most concerned about iOS15. During this time, enough exposure has been made. In fact, at the Developer Conference In addition to the system software, some of Apple's latest scientific and technological achievements will also be displayed, some of which are also worthy of everyone's attention, such as the upcoming M1X chip.

Speaking of this chip, I have to mention the ARM architecture product launch conference on Double 11 last year. Under the circumstances that everyone did not expect, the M1 chip appeared, and it shocked everyone when it came up. In a series of tests, the performance of the M1 chip was unexpectedly good. The important thing is that this chip has promoted the uniformity of Apple products to a new level. Unexpectedly, in less than a year, the next generation of products will be coming.

Recently, part of the performance of M1X has been revealed on the Internet, and it is also strong. Among them, the CPU will increase from 8 cores to 10 cores and will be launched on the MacBook Pro. The integrated GPU performance is comparable to the RTX 3070, and the highest will be increased to 32 core, although the performance is powerful, the power consumption is very low.

According to the test results, the lowest power consumption of RTX 3070 is 80W, while the highest power consumption of M1X is only 40W. In other words, in daily use, the power consumption of M1X is less than half of RTX 3070. As for how Apple does this, We don’t know, it may be related to the manufacturing process difference between the two parties.

RTX 3070 uses Samsung's 8nm process, while M1X uses TSMC's 5nm process. The essential difference in manufacturing technology may be the fundamental guarantee for M1X's strength.

I want to know how the performance of the M1X is. Running a score is the most direct manifestation. According to the test results, compared to the M1, the M1X running score of the 32-core GPU wants to be strong, and it is on the same level as the RTX 3070, even if it is a 16-core score. It is also stronger than GTX 1650 and Radeon Pro 5500M. Although it has the data, it is still difficult to get the approval of some users.

Some people think that Nvidia has accumulated many years of technology in this area, and it is so easily surpassed by Apple. It is really unbelievable. Some people are even joking about what black technology Apple may use to make the M1X with 40W power consumption comparable to Nvidia. The RTX 3070 with 93W power consumption is normal to have such doubts. After all, even with the help of TSMC's advanced process technology, it is really hard to think of how Apple did this. Of course, don't expect similar core technologies. Apple will announce it.