TI introduces industry's smaller buck-boost battery charger integrated circuit

Texas Instruments (TI) today introduced the industry's smaller buck-boost battery charger integrated circuit, which integrates power path management to achieve greater power density, universal and fast charging, and a charging efficiency of up to 97%.

Arrow Electronics, Panasonic Industries and STMicroelectronics jointly launch IoT smart device modules

Arrow Electronics, Panasonic Industries and STMicroelectronics have jointly launched low-power wireless multi-sensor edge smart solutions for smart factories, smart homes and smart lives.This IoT solution module integrates Arrow ’s engineering desig

Silicon Labs Wireless Gecko Series 2 SoC is available at Mouser

Mouser Electronics, a global authorized distributor of electronic components focused on introducing new products, is now stocking Silicon Labs' new Wireless Gecko system-on-chip (SoC) series. This series of SoCs provide superior energy efficiency and

Mouser Electronics stocks Laird Connectivity Sentrius IG60-BL654 Starter Kit

Mouser Electronics, a distributor of electronic components focused on introducing new products and driving industry innovation, is now stocking Laird Connectivity's Sentrius ™ IG60-BL654 and BT510 starter kits. The kit uses new wireless IoT gate

Renesas Electronics Announces Important Update for Arm Cortex-M Microcontroller

Tokyo, Japan-Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), the world's leading supplier of semiconductor solutions, today released a flexible configuration software package (FSP) update for the Renesas 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M microcontroller RA p

TE Connectivity launches a new waterproof sealed 2.5mm double-lock signal connector

TE Connectivity (TE), a global leader in connectivity and sensors, announced the launch of a new waterproof and sealed 2.5mm double-lock signal connector. The new product provides IP67 waterproof and dustproof performance, and can protect applications exp

Mouser Electronics supplies NXP Semiconductors' i.MX 8QuadMax and 8QuadPlus application processors

Focusing on the introduction of new products and providing a large inventory of electronic components distribution, Mouser Electronics will supply NXP Semiconductors' i.MX 8QuadMax and 8QuadPlus application processors from now on. These two multi-core

Texas Instruments introduced a new LED matrix management device

Texas Instruments has introduced the TPS92662A-Q1LED matrix management device (Matrix Manager), which provides a fully dynamic adaptive lighting solution by providing individual pixel-level LED control.The device's 3 series integrated switches each ha

Melexis introduces Hall effect sensor IC MLX91377 that meets ASIL standards

Global microelectronics engineering company Melexis has announced the launch of the ASIL-compliant Hall Effect Sensor IC MLX91377, which is suitable for safety-critical automotive systems such as electric power steering (EPAS).With an ambient temperature

Bourns adds nine SRP power inductor series

Bourns, the world's leading manufacturer of electronic components, today announced the addition of nine new S RP power inductor series. These new SRP inductor series are designed to meet the requirements of high current and low emissions in a small fo

TWK launches series of angle sensors that allow rotation

The tilt sensor series has now been expanded with a special device. With this new design, it is possible to measure the current attitude, that is, the angle of inclination or position (360 °), and at the same time accurately measure the speed in rotat

Save valuable resources with Trinamic TMC5160-EVAL-SHIELD

Trinamic has introduced a new evaluation board TMC5160-EVAL-SHIELD for a new high current stepper motor driver / control chip TMC5160. SHIELD has the same interface as the affordable STM32 Nucleo board on the market for direct compatibility.TRINAMIC Motio

Xilinx launches adaptive platform Versal Premium

Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX), a global leader in adaptive and intelligent computing, today announced the launch of Versal ™ Premium, the third largest product family in the Versal ACAP portfolio. The Versal Premium series has a highly integrated and

FTDI releases built-in Type-C / PD controller

FTDI, which is always at the forefront of embedded connectivity innovation, has released the latest series of multi-channel USB interface ICs. As more and more hardware starts using next-generation power protocols, this series of ICs has the ability to ha

STMicroelectronics boosts STM32 microprocessor performance

STMicroelectronics (ST; New York Stock Exchange: STM), a leading global semiconductor supplier spanning multiple electronic applications, adds new authorized partners and software features to STM32MP1 system microprocessor (MPU) products , And significant

Infineon 650V CoolSiC ™ MOSFET Family

Further expand its silicon carbide (SiC) product portfolio with the launch of 650V devices. Its newly released CoolSiC ™ MOSFETs meet a growing number of applications including servers, telecommunications and industrial SMPS, solar systems, energy s

Dialog Semiconductor to acquire Adesto Technologies

Increase differentiated cloud connectivity solutions and promote adoption in Industry 4.0;Diversify customer groups and increase industrial sales channels;After the completion of the acquisition, it is expected to realize earnings per share (EPS) apprecia

Mouser stocks Dialog subminiature DA14531

Focusing on the introduction and distribution of new global electronic components, authorized distribution and distribution of trader Mouser Electronics (Mouser Electronics) DA14531 SmartBond TINY System-on-Chip (SoC) from Dialog Semiconductor is availabl

What to pay attention to when designing PCB stackups

When designing a PCB (printed circuit board), one of the most basic issues to consider is how many wiring layers, ground planes, and power planes are required to achieve the functions required by the circuit. The determination of the number of plane layer

Excelitas Introduces New PYD 2592 Detector

Waltham, Massachusetts, USA-Excelitas Technologies, a global leader in innovative, customized optoelectronic solutions, has recently introduced the new PYD 2592 SMD (Surface Mount) DigiPyro Digital Pyroelectric Detector Device. This dual-element PYD 2592

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