Allwinner Technology released the first RISC-V application processor

Allwinner Technology today announced the launch of the "D1" processor, which is the world's first mass-produced application processor equipped with the flat-head Xuantie 906 RISC-V, providing a new intelligent key chip for the Internet of Everything AIoT era.


Allwinner Technologys "D1" chip works closely with the flat head Xuantie 906, combined with the companys deep accumulation in high-definition video processing and system architecture, and integrates self-developed on-chip high-speed interconnection bus NSI and rich application interfaces to provide high-performance Heterogeneous multi-core computing processing and excellent graphics acceleration capabilities. Its strong product expressiveness is highly compatible with the massive scene needs of the AIoT era in terms of underlying performance and specification design and can be widely used in smart cities, smart cars, smart commercial displays, smart home appliances, smart offices, and other markets.


Allwinner Technologys "D1" open source, open and efficient features provide the birth of a variety of differentiated AIoT applications, provide stable technical support and sustainability, and meet the long-term needs of users for independent and reliable technology supply chains. Show your skills in AIoT-like fragmented customized products.


The global RISC-V camp is growing rapidly. Relying on Allwinners long-term practical experience in technology implementation and customer service, Allwinners "D1" rich ecosystem can also help users quickly design, migrate, and apply quickly. The perfect service will solve all kinds of problems encountered by users in the course of practice. While providing chips, Allwinner Technology will also provide customers with both the self-developed Tina software system and the open-source Fedora system.

Win-win cooperation and be the pioneer

With the release of the "D1" application processor, Allwinner Technology is actively cooperating with many innovative developers and core ecosystem partners to give full play to the characteristics of RISC-V and product system performance to achieve mass production of more AIoT application scenarios. In the future, Allwinner Technology will continue to adhere to open innovation and provide more reliable paths for users to achieve value growth.